❤ Our Fabulous Sponsors

A BIG, BIG thank you to our ❤ fabulous sponsors!

Thank You

Every donation is accepted with heart felt thanks. It goes towards raising funds that help our school children develop and provide tools to help our teachers achieve the very best for our children. While we, as organisers of this event do everything possible to encourage school families to support our sponsors, and do our best to advertise and promote sponsors when we can, these donations are accepted in the belief that our sponsors are happy to contribute purely to the goal of making our event a success, with the end result being to help our school children thrive.

If you would like to consider sponsorship for this year’s event, we can offer visibility for your organisation to an audience of approximately 6,000 attendees.  Please contact us.

Raffle Sponsors 2020:


All of our sponsors 2020:

And a massive thankyou to our school families and local community members for donating baking, grocery items, used clothing, making preserves, training animals (and children!), and giving their time and expertise!